Best Credit Card Malaysia 2016

Are you currently looking for a new credit card or planning to get another credit card but you are having difficulties in deciding which one to choose? Local and international banks in Malaysia offer different types of credit cards and each and every credit card comes with unique privileges benefits. As the credit card industry is very competitive these days, these banks do their best to entice potential customers with benefits and privileges like loyalty points, air miles, cash back or cash rebate, free petrol, free unlimited access to different airport lounges, priority queuing during check-in at airports, exclusive discounts on hotels and many more. Without further ado, below are the list of the best credit cards in Malaysia for 2016.

Citibank Cash Back Premium

  • 5% cash rebate when you spend a minimum of RM400 in filling up your petrol and the cash rebate is capped at RM20 on a monthly basis
  • 2% cash rebate when you spend a minimum of RM3,000 in shopping for your groceries and the cash rebate is capped at RM60 on a monthly basis
  • 2% cash rebate on your mobile phone bills and the cash rebate is capped at RM30 on a monthly basis
  • 0.2% cash rebate on your other transactions on a daily basis and the cash rebate is capped at RM30 per month
  • It also offers discounts and rewards on health-related products such as hospital room rates and executive screening

UOB One Classic

  • Up to 5% cash back on daily basis on entertainment, groceries, shopping, utilities and petrol
  • 2% cash back is offered on weekdays for petrol and entertainment and 5% cash back is offered on weekends
  • 1% cash back is offered on weekdays for utilities and groceries and 2% cash back is offered on weekends
  • 0.2% cash back is offered on other transactions regardless if it is on weekdays or weekends
  • You can only spend a maximum amount of RM300 on petrol, RM200 per month on mobile bills and RM1,000 per month on groceries
  • Other transactions have unlimited purchase amount
  • You are also given 1 SMART$ rebate point for every RM1 you spend at UOB SMART$ merchants such as BHPetrol, Parkroyal KL, Golden Screen Cinemas, Timberland and My Diamond

HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i

  • Up to 8% cash back when you spend a minimum of RM2,001 in shopping for your groceries and filling up your petrol
  • 2% cash back for transactions that are below RM2,001
  • 0.2% cash back on other transactions
  • The cash back for groceries and petrol are capped at RM50 on a monthly basis
  • There is no cap on the 0.2% cash back on other transactions


Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard


  • The cardholder will earn 1 WorldMiles Point on every RM3 they spent locally and 3 WorldMiles Point on every RM2 they spent overseas
  • You can enjoy personalized assistance like customizing your travel itineraries, getting unlimited access for free to selected Plaza Premium Lounges, having insurance protection from emergency medical evacuation to loss of baggage coverage
  • You can also enjoy unlimited access to selected airport lounges, being chauffeured home from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) for free of charge and converting your air miles for free flights

AmBank Visa Infinite

  • This card is suitable if you are a frequent flyer
  • You will be rewarded 5 AmBonus points for every RM1 you spent on shopping and dining overseas
  • You can also convert your 5,500 AmBonus points into 1,000 MAS Enrich Points, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles points and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles points
  • You get an additional 24% discount when using Immigration Fast-Track service at 280 selected international airports and complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounges located in 17 selected international airports
  • To be eligible for that discount, simply swipe your card for 3 times overseas within the same month
  • You will also be given a complimentary Hilton Premium Club Membership card that allows you to enjoy 50% discount on dining and 20% discount on Hilton Hotels best available room rates when you spend a minimum of RM30,000 per year
  • You can purchase Travel Insurance Coverage that is up to RM2 Million and Purchase Protection Plan coverage that is up to RM50,000 for 30 days from the date of purchase
  • This card has no annual fee and it is free for life but you need a minimum income of RM12,500 per month

AmBank CARz Platinum Card

  • You can enjoy 5% cash back on petrol and it is capped at RM80 on a monthly basis if you make partial monthly repayments
  • You can enjoy 2% cash back on petrol and it is capped at RM20 on a monthly basis if you make full monthly repayments
  • You will also get 1 CARz point for every RM1 that you spent on shopping, dining, groceries and entertainment
  • This card has no annual fee and it is free for life but you need a minimum income of RM5,000 per month

Uber Driver in Malaysia

How to make extra money with UBER ?


You would have probably heard of Uber by now unless you are living under a rock. If you have not, Uber is an internet based company that helps to connect drivers and riders for mutual and beneficial ridesharing agreements. In contrast to a traditional taxi job, Uber allows you to use your own car and choose your schedule on when to work. The experience on the riders’ part is different from traditional taxis as well because riders do not have to stand on the side of the street to hail a taxi. They use the Uber mobile app installed on their smartphones instead. Uber drivers located within the area will be notified when a rider requests a ride from the Uber mobile app. These drivers can then provide the ride and earn some cash in return. As a result, the cost of a ride is generally much lower when compared to traditional taxis thanks to Uber’s unique technology. To apply, visit Uber’s official website and fill in the applicable forms and submitting to their vehicle inspection and criminal background check.




You are required to fulfil the following criteria to be an Uber driver:

  • You have to be at least 21 years old and possess a driving license
  • Your car must be decent looking and be less than 8 years old
  • Your car insurance policy has to be under your name or if you are driving a family owned car, make sure your name is included in the insurance policy too and it does not have to be a commercial car insurance policy because once you are on a trip, Uber will insure you up to USD 1 million with primary liability insurance and another USD 1,000 for excess collision coverage
  • As a driver, you must not have any previous criminal records, outstanding summons, reckless and bad driving records because Uber will do a screening whenever you sign up as a driver
  • You must own a smartphone

Why Be an Uber Driver?

These are the few good things why it is beneficial for you to consider being an Uber driver:

  • If you live in a bustling city, Uber makes it easy for you to turn your car into a cash machine
  • You are not bound to Uber as a fixed employee or contractor so you have the freedom and flexibility to choose when you want to work and if you want to earn more, drive more
  • You do not have to go through morning traffic to go to office and see your boss angry face because it is not a 9 to 5 job
  • You are paid on a weekly basis through direct bank deposit


Screenshot 2016-04-10 22.25.40

How Much Can You Make?

Well, the potential income can be up to RM8,000 a month and some drivers even claimed of making RM10,000. These income figures are way higher if compared to majority of the jobs offered in the market now. If you already have a full-time job, you can opt to drive on part-time basis and some drivers have claimed that they can earn up to RM3,000 by just driving part time. Check out the Uber X Peak Hour Guarantees chart for more detailed info. Lastly, station your car at core areas like Subang Airport, KLCC, 1 Utama and more if you are in Petaling Jaya and Klang Valley.