Alliance Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion ( 6 months and 9 months)

Great news, Alliance Bank has finally launched a few Fixed Deposit promotion. Depositors can enjoy a great 4.25% p.a with 6 months deposits and a high 4.35% p.a with a 9 months deposits.  This is a conventional and not an Islamic Fixed deposit.

Things you should know

The fixed deposit campaign starts from 20 Nov 2015. This campaign is available to new and existing Alliance Bank customers. As of a lot of Fixed Deposit promo in Malaysia, this promotion will require depositor to deposit fresh funds which means that the source of the funds must not be from any Alliance or Alliance Islamic bank accounts. This applies not limited to existing savings, currents ,fixed deposit or any other accounts . The minimum deposit in order for you to enjoy the promotion would be RM 25,000 which is rather high as compared with other FD promotion in Malaysia.

There are 2 choices of the promotion which is at 6 months and 9 months. Depositors can enjoy a 4.25% p.a for 6 months while 4.35% with 9 months period. Personally, I would opt for 6 months for less lock in period just in case there are any other interesting promotion in Malaysia. Upon maturity of the promo, the fixed deposit would than be automatically reverted to standard board rate. There are no written terms on the early upliftment of the loan so do expect the bank for forfeit the interest if you are planning to do withdrawal earlier than the campaign period. This promotion is eligible for protection from PIDM.


Alliance Bank is also running a concurrent promotion with the 6 months and 9 months promo. All terms are the same except that the E-FD promo is valid for Alliance Bank E-FD deposits only.

Campaign period ends at 31st of March 2016. Do hurry up to deposit if you are keen to enjoy the rates !


Kuwait Finance House Personal Loan






Kuwait Finance house (KFH) is one of the early bank that establish in accordance to syariah law. This is probaly one of the first modern Islamic bank in the world. Today KFH has subsidiaries across the world ranging from Middle east, Europe and Asia inclusive of Malaysia.

2 years to 5 years – 5.99% p.a.
6 years to 9 years – 3.99% p.a.
Minimum amount of loan from RM 2,000 to RM 200,000
Minimum monthly salary of RM 24,000 p.a.
Minimum 2 years to a maximum of 9 years financing
No guarantor and collateral needed
Shariah and Murabahah based
Malaysian citizens only
Available for Government servant with minimum 1 year of service only

KFH Personal Financing-i is a personal loan package that is offered only to government personnel in Malaysia. This loan is fully Islamic compliant and is based on Shariah Murabahah concept. This loan offers from RM 2,000 up to RM 200,000 of financing with minimum 2 years up to 9 years of repayment with overlap option. The interest rates of this loan would be based on amount borrowed and financing tenure. One can enjoy a low 3.99% p.a. with 6 to 9 years repayment while 5.99% p.a. for 2 to 5 years repayment period. Personal Financing-i is unsecured which no guarantor and collateral is needed.

Charges and Fees

Takaful insurance is compulsory with the loan.


As of all government loans, the repayment of the loan is done via Biro Angkasa automatic salary deduction


This loan is only available for Malaysian Government sector. Eligible applicants must be aged between 19 to retirement age at the end of loan. This loan is offered to Government staffs with permanent position and 1 minimum of 1 year in service. The minimum salary requirement would be RM 2,000.00 per month.


Applicants will have to produce their IC, most recent payslip and Employment confirmation letter.

  • Photocopy Malaysian Identity Card (Both sides)
  • Most recent payslip
  • Most recent EPF Statement

Repayment Table



OCBC Personal Loan


OCBC Personal Financing

The Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, abbreviated as OCBC Bank is the smallest local bank in Singapore with aglobal presence.

OCBC Al-Amin offers simple and easily accessible Shariah compliant personal loan/financing service that has your best interest in mind. The suite of products give you advance cash at affordable rate and monthly payment to lighten your financial burden. There are no collateral and guarantor needed for the loan

OCBC Al-Amin Cash Financing-i provides:

  • Fast approval. Fast cash
  • No collateral. No guarantor
  • Financing amount of up to RM150,000
  • Fixed monthly instalments from as low as RM100 per month
  • Extended financing tenure up to 10 years

Charges and Fees

There are no stamping and legal fees required for the loan. Early settlement penalty is applicable if borrower plans to settle the loan earlier.


To apply, customers must be a Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident earning at least gross monthly income of RM2,000.

Documents required for application:

  • Photocopy of Malaysian I/C (front and back)
  • Photocopy of 1 month salary slip; OR 1 year EPF statement.
  • Documents required
  • Photocopy of I/C (front and back)
  • Photocopy of 1 month salary slip; OR 1 year EPF statement.

Repayment Table

ocbc cash financing-i

There are a few loan concepts to suit the customers.


The ideal personal financing solution made for those who are just getting started. Whether it is one of life’s necessities or luxuries – be it education, car or gadgets; or perhaps you’ve hit one of life’s speed bumps, we will sort out your ideal plan. With varying tenures and monthly instalments as low as RM147, you get personal financing that is just right for you

  • Between 21 and 60 years of age


Whatever your aspirations may be or wherever they may take you, you can rest assured we will be with you every step of the way. With long tenure up to 10 years and a profit rate as low as 0.71% a month, you get personal financing tailor-made to your needs.

  • Between 21 and 55 years of age
  • A holder of a Malaysian credit card with a limit of RM6,000 for at least 12 months and / or earning a monthly gross income of at least RM2,000


Whatever the need, be it for the present or the future, you can rest assured we have your ideal plan that you so rightly deserve. With long tenure up to 10 years and an exclusive maximum financing amount of RM150,000, you get personal financing that is just right for you and your family.

  • Between 21 and 60 years of age
  • A holder of a Malaysian credit card with a limit of RM45,000 for at least 12 months and / or earning a monthly gross income of at least RM15,000