Tawas (Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor)

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Many of you may have heard this word being mentioned but those of you who have heard it might not know what it means. TAWAS, which is an abbreviation of Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor, or better known in English as the Children’s Selangor Heritage Fund (ALUM).

Just what is this fund about and how can we go about acquiring this fund for our children?

TAWAS is a programme that has actually been launched way back in August 2008. It is in fact a trust fund that was set up for all babies that are born in Selangor after the year 2008. Just to tell you what you might expect from the end of all this is that your child would get out of this fund is a total of RM1,500 when he or she turns 18. Although this might seem like a very long period to most parents to wait for but you never know just how much this sum of money could really mean at that point of time. Also, as a parent, nothing is too good for our child so below here you will see just how you too can register your child under the TAWAS programme.

What you will expect to get when you first register your child is an amount of RM100. These RM100 payments are awarded by the Selangor government as a savings fund for every registration that has passed through successfully. As mentioned above, at the end of 18 year period of waiting, that is when you will get to see your child reap the benefits of the investment which amount to the total RM1,500.

One good thing that has been changed in TAWAS in the age limit to apply for registration. The first time TAWAS was implemented, new born babies in Selangor had to be registered immediately as you would have to get your baby registered before the age of one. If you are a parent and if you have a child who is probably 2 years of age, you might not be as happy as the others who are privileged. You do not have to worry about all that anymore. The age limit for children to register has been increased from below a year old to 3 years old now ever since July 9, 2011. This allows all those children who are privileged to be registered under this programme if they have missed out on it the first time. With that being said, if your child is born in Selangor and is below the age of 3, you should go and register your child right away as you have everything to gain out of this programme.

How Can You As A Parent Register Your Child?

These are some of the conditions which you will have to abide by when you are registering your child for Children’s Selangor Heritage Fund (ALUM) or better known among Malaysians as the TAWAS programme.

The First Condition

The application for TAWAS is open to everyone child who is born in the state of Selangor that meets the following conditions listed below.

  1. You have to be a Malaysian citizen and in addition to that, you would have to be born in the state or even out of the state of Selangor before the 1st of January 2008.
  2. The mother or father of the child has to be born in the state of Selangor or even if the mother or father happens to be born in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur before the 1st of February 1974.

The Second Condition

This second condition here is meant for all the children who are born within the state. Your child would have to fit the following conditions listed below.

  1. A citizen of Malaysia.
  2. Your child needs to be born in the state before the 1st of January, 2008.
  3. Parents who are not born in Selangor itself but if they have been residing in Selangor for a minimum period of 5 years at least.

The Third Condition

  1. You would have to be a citizen of Malaysia.
  2. Parents who are living in other states, if your child is born outside of Selangor at the borders of the other states such as Negeri Sembilan, Perak and even Kuala Lumpur before the 1st of January, 2008.

Also please take note, to the parents of the children who are permanent residence in the states at the borders such as Negeri Sembilan, Perak and even Kuala Lumpur, you are required to go and obtain a residency stamp of approval from either the Chieftain, Village Chief and the Chairman of the Housing Taman where you live and no one else.

What Are The Required Document That You Will Need?

You will need to bring copies of the original documents as listed below.

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • MyKid – Child
  • MyKad – Of The Mother
  • MyKad – Of The Father
  • MyKad – Of The Guardian (Only If Needed)
  • Letter adoption certificate (Only If Needed)

Where Can You Register For TAWAS?

  • The best way and most convenient to register for the program is through the TAWAS Website ‘www.tawas.org.my’ , registration is straightforward.
  • The Local Authorities
  • Head Of Village
  • Regional Offices
  • Assembly Government
  • Children Selangor Heritage Foundation

Do ensure that all documents are complete before registering your baby for Tawas programme.

To those of you who need to get a Certificate of Evidence of Residence. You can get the information you want by going to the people in charge as listed below.

As soon as you have registered for the programme for your child, you will receive a Simanja Card. To all those who still are not too sure about the registration, you can always head down to the Children’s Selangor Heritage Foundation which is at Jalan Multimedia in I-City.

How to check for registration status ?

Once all documents are submitted, Tawas registration can be checked with the link below.



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Do you qualify for a RHB Bank housing loan?

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Just how much can you really borrow?

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When it comes to applying for loans, being married is always a plus point. You will have the choice of being able to make your spouse a co-applicant and her income will be added to your eligibility when applying for the loan. If all else fails is that you could also add your parents as co-applicants and the same privileges apply. Of course, you could always choose a longer tenure loan up to 35 years which would reduce your monthly repayments and increase your chances of getting the loan.


2 Types of loans available

My1 Flexi Home Loan

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The Conclusion

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