BSN Card Cash Back

bsn cashback

You can now enjoy up to 5% cash back with BSN Visa debit card-i from the existing 0.5% . This offers is only valid for existing and new BSN Visa Debit-i holder when you use the card for online transactions.  BSN Visa Debit Card/-i is available to BSN Saving holders that comes with multi benefits compared to other debit cards.

BSN Visa Debit-i’s benefit includes 0.5% unlimited cash back, Bcard loyalty program, MEPS reimbursement program, PLUSmiles loyalty program and it basically functions as a Tough and Go card. This debit card is accepted worldwide while you can limit your expense compared to credit cards and it is linked to BSN saving accounts.

Terms and conditions 

You will need to use BSN Visa debit card-i  only on VISA payWave terminal or any online eCommerce transaction to be able to enjoy the extra 5% cash back during the campaign period. Each member is only able to enjoy up to a maximum of RM 30 cash back back. There is only a limited of RM 200,000 cash back available which is based on first come basis.

Card holder will bear his or her own responsibility of having their card active throughout the promotion period or the cash back is not valid. The 5% cash back will be credited into card holder’s saving account while it is not transferable to other third party accounts.

This promotional period only valid from 1st March to 30th of June. So hurry up to register for BSN Visa Debit Card-i today.


Al Rajhi Personal Loan



Al Rajhi Bank is one of the world largest Islamic bank from Saudi Arabia. This bank reached Malaysian shore on 2006 as part of it’s internationalization effort.

Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i
7.25% p.a.
Up to RM 150,000 or 5 times montly salary financing available
Maximum 7 years repayment
No guarantor needed
Fast approval
Minimum of 25 years old and RM 5,000 gross income

Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i is an unsecured personal loan where no guarantor and collateral is needed which is 100% Shariah compliant. Al Rajhi personal financing-i interest starts from 7.25% p.a.  This personal loan offers up to 5 times applicant’s salary or RM 150,000 (the lower amount) financing however this will also depends very much on the person’s credit score.  Borrower will have options up to 7 years repayment. This loan features a speedy application, where applicants will know the application status in 24 hours upon complete submission.


There are no application and processing fees currently. However there will be a 0.5% stamp duty fees while Takaful insurance would be compulsory for the loan. Takaful Insurance will depends on age and tenure of financing by the applicants.


Age for age wise, Al Rajhi requires a much high 25 years age for loan application. Applicants should not be over 58 years old at loan tenure. This loan also has a minimum RM 5,000 gross minimum salary for applications which is considered high for Malaysian standards.

Documents required

  • Copy and photocopy of IC ( Front and back)
  • Most recent 3 months payslip and bank statement


Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i repayment table is available below



AEON Personal Loan

AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad (AEON Credit or the Company) was incorporated on 6 December 1996 and was converted into a public limited company on 9 February 2007 and listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 12 December 2007. AEON Credit commenced operations in 1997 by providing Easy Payment schemes for purchase of consumer durables through appointed retail merchants and chain stores.

ÆON’S hold to its basic principles:

  1. Peace: ÆON is a corporate group whose operations are dedicated to the pursuit of peace through prosperity.
  2. People: ÆON is a corporate group that respects human dignity and values personal relationships
  3. Community: ÆON is a corporate group rooted in local community life and dedicated to making a continuing contribution to the community

AEON offers fast approval Personal Financing products for its Credit Card Holder and non-members as well. In order to apply for personal financial here are some basic criteria to fulfill:

  • Loan are applicable for Malaysian citizens only
  • Minimum income of RM1,000 is required

AEON offers 1hour approval, 0.8% profit rate, 60 months flexible repayment and monthly installments as low as RM123.00.

Loan amount is a minimum loan of RM 1,000 and a maximum of RM50, 000. You must apply for a loan with a financing duration of minimum 6 months and maximum of 5years. You can select repayment tenure of 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60 months depending on your financial capacity.

To ease you repayment method, AEON will link to repayment to your monthly salary. This method will assure that there will be no late loan repayment which helps you avoid any late payment charges. Other options such as, salary transfer to Hong Leong Bank with Auto-debit Instruction is provided. The loan also includes a Takaful Coverage to insure you and the loan repayment.

You also must standby for other basic chargers such as Stamp Duty which will be deducted upon approval. For those who apply for loan below RM4, 999 there will be a processing fee of 6% is applicable once the loan is approved.

The benefit of applying with AEON is you will enjoy a profit rate with:

  • AEON Credit Card Holder : 0.8% – 1.2% per month
  • AEON Express Card : 0.84% – 1.2%
  • Non Card : 0.84% – 1.5%

To apply for AEON Personal Loan you can directly visit nearest AEON Credit branch with the documents shared for quicker approval. The approval for loans is fast the AEON does not require you to have a guarantor, collateral or security deposit.

AEON PersonalLoan repayment table is available below.

aeon repayment table