CIMB E-Fixed Deposit Promotion

Good news, CIMB has finally started it’s eFixed Deposit (eFD) promotion perhaps one of the first such for Internet based fixed deposit in Malaysia. Depositors can enjoy a 4% p.a. interest rates for 3 months when enrolling for the promotion. The current board rate CIMB is offering for eFD is 3.2% p.a.


For a start, this is a fully eFixed deposit where you can directly make a fixed deposit on CIMB website. There is no needs to walk into counter for upliftment or placement which is very convenient. At the moment of writing only 2 banks are offering full eFD services in Malaysia All transactions are done on Cimbclicks the ebanking portal for CIMB.  Another benefit of this particular promotion is where no fresh funds are needed. This means that you can directly deposit any money you have on CIMB or CIMB islamic account into the promotion. It can save you hassle without need to withdraw funds from other banks.

The money deposited must not be uplifted in 3 months when you have deposited with onto the promo or the interest will be forfeited. There is also a minimum of RM 10,000.00 needed.

Only CIMB individual consumers who are over 18 is eligible for the promotion. This means that the promo is not open for companies such as sole prop /societies and NGOs. The promotion ends on 31st of October. You will of course need existing access to first. To enroll for the promotion, you will need to click on the special promotion link instead of using the normal placement method. The website will clearly shows the interest you can enjoy for 3 months.

cimb efd promo


  • 100% Convenience with full eFD
  • No fresh funds required
  • 4% p.a. is not bad rate for eFD


  • 4% p.a. is not the highest you can get out there but those will require you to do some work
  • Can’t think of any

Pinjaman Tekun


Everything You Need To Know About ‘Pinjaman Tekun’

Being an entrepreneur here in Malaysia is not easy especially in our current times. Many young and even old entrepreneurs turn to loan sharks for money to fund their business when they can actually apply for a loan from Yayasan TEKUN Nasional (YTN). What many businessmen might not know is that the Entrepreneur Fund (TEKUN) has already given out up to more than a hundred thousand small loans to more than 100,000 entrepreneurs here in Malaysia.

TEKUN Nasional – Main Objective

Back in the old days, TEKUN Nasional Foundation which is now only known as TEKUN Nasional has been established in Malaysia ever since the 9th of November 1998. The main objective of actually establishing TEKUN Nasional was to serve as a fund which would provide quick financing to bumiputeras here in Malaysia to jump start and even expand their businesses.

Over the years, TEKUN Nasional has been improving itself in not only becoming an organization that only provides finances to businesses in need of capital to expand their operations but they have now also started to cater to the current trends in becoming a strategic entrepreneur development partner for other businesses as well. To summarize what TEKUN Nasional aim is, they are now also known as an institution as helps to provide business opportunities, capital to fund new and existing businesses and most importantly, they are now provide a platform for entrepreneurs to network and build their businesses.

The Goal

There is of course hopes that TEKUN Nasional will one day be a much more effective and dynamic organization whereby they will be able to fully support and finance all bumiputera owned businesses and create a more stabilized economy in the country.

Types Of TEKUN Financing

TEKUN Start-Up

This mode of financing is available to you if you are an entrepreneur who is new and if you are in need of capital for your business services regardless if it involves

TEKUN Business Venture

This type of funding is mainly if you are having a joint venture business package with TEKUN Nasional involving a tuition centre, beauty products or even frozen food.

TEKUN Business

Through TEKUN Business funding, you will be able to gain more working capital and this is mainly for mobile stalls and business which may be in need of capital for their manufacturing and transportation operations.

TEKUN Short Term Financing Package

A short term financing package which ranges within RM 500 to RM 2000 that comes with a weekly repayment method is also available for day to day businesses such as night markets, Ramadhan Bazaars and other businesses involving smaller sales transactions.


TEKUN Agriculture

Those who are in the agricultural business can now also apply for financing via TEKUN Agriculture as long as they are involved in vegetation and also planting.

TEKUN Tourism

Anyone who is in need to capital to grow and expand their tourism business can also apply for this particular financing. You will also be able to use this for financing for other activities such as homestay programmes and agro-tourism activities as well.

TEKUN Animal Husbandry

This financing model serves more to business owners who are planning to start or expand their business in animal husbandry such as rearing animals like goats and cows and breeding fishes, prawns and birds as well.

An Overall View

As a business owner and entrepreneur, TEKUN Nasional has definitely been of great help in business expansions as it covers all the major business sectors in Malaysia. With that being said, if you are a business owner who is aged between 18 to 60 years old with a valid business registration who is need of funding to get your business up and running, TEKUN Nasional is just what you might need to get things started off with.


Citibank Housing Loan

While it may be a hard decision to actually choose a home loan for many people as it can get really confusing just calculating the interest rates that one would need to pay back in order to service the loans. Along with that also comes other concerns such as hidden chargers and penalties if the payments of the monthly instalments are paid late. Many people in fact have related home loans to mobile phone plans as there are so many complexities involved along with terms and conditions which can be hard to understand. For those of you who can relate to what has been said in the previous lines above, worry no more as Citibank offers a home loan which suits just about anyone and everyone. What you will actually get at Citibank is a completely flexible home loan which you can pay off whenever you feel like doing so. You are given the flexibility to pay an additional amount to finish up your loan payments and you are also allowed to withdraw money when you are in need of cash. This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘flexibility’ and this is exactly what people are looking for nowadays.

How Can I Qualify For The Citibank Home Loan?

If you happen to be interested in the Citibank Home Loan, you will need to meet a few standards which has been set by Citibank in order for you to qualify for the home loan. The first thing which you would need to know is that you will at least have to be 18 years of age in order for you to apply for the home loan and there is also a maximum age limit of 70 which you are not supposed to exceed. You need to be sure that you at least have an annual income of RM 36,000 in order for you to be eligible for the home loan and its home loans are open to people of all nationalities here in Malaysia.

What Exactly Does Citibank Offer Its Customers?

The main benefit of the Citibank Home Loan package is that you actually get a margin financing on your property for up to 90% and also a 5% for MRTA financing from AIA Insurance. You will be happy knowing that you will have that privilege of getting a 35 year loan tenure from Citibank and the loan packages at Citibank is suited for homes which are completed and also properties which are under construction.

What Are The Types Of Loans Available

As far as full-flexi home loan packages are concerned, Citibank is still at the top of its game. Citibank is one of threw few banks that actually provides two different types of full-flexi home loans. The first type of loan will be the HomeCredit package which not only comes with a single integrated account which allows you to consolidate your account and keep track of your finances but also offers you the benefit of a payment concept without giving you a fixed monthly payment but instead allowing you to pay when you wish like paying.

The other home loan package, also known as the FlexiHome Loan allows you to save on interest as the interest rates are calculated based on a daily basis. You are also given the option to start paying for your property immediately even if the property you want to purchase is still under construction. This will actually allow you to reduce your financial burden a little faster on the long run.

Both the Citibank loan packages which are offered also come with a lock-in-period of 6 years. By far this is the longest lock in period in the market today. If you ever feel like settling your loan repayment then you has better be ready to pay a penalty of 3.6% which will be charged on your outstanding loan amount.

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Buying That Dream Home Which I Have Always Wanted?

The first thing which you will need to do in order for you to increase your chances of getting your home loan approved is to pay off any debts which you may already have. Having bad debts might kill your chances of getting your loan approved. The next thing you should know is that if you are someone who is married, you will also have your chances increased as you will be able to use your spouse’s income as a combined income for the both of you and this normally does the trick as well as increase credibility with the banks.