Cimb Xpress Cash Financing-i Personal Loan


Xpress Cash Financing-i
RM 50,000 – RM 100,000 6.88% p.a.
RM 25,000 – RM 49,000 9.88% p.a.
RM 3,000 – 24,000 13.38% p.a
Maximum 5x of gross income
Minimum 6 months to maximum 5 years of repayment
For single applicant from 21 to 60 years of age
Minimum RM 800 of basic income
Malaysian Citizens only

CIMB Xpress Cash Financing-i is Shariah or Islamic based personal loan from CIMB bank. There is a minimum required RM 3,000 to a maximum of RM 100,000 of loan offered by the loan with a minimum of 6 months to 5 years repayment period. The maximum loan that a person can apply would be depending on his or her monthly salary.  The maximum would sit around 5 times monthly salary however this would also be depending on credit score such as CCRIS or CTOS. The interest rates for Xpress Cash Financing-i is dependent on amount borrower. Basically higher financing would enable you to enjoy better interest rates. One can enjoy 13.38% p.a. with RM 3,000 to RM 24,000 financing, 9.88% p.a. with RM 25,000 to RM 49,000 financing while a low 6.88%p.a with RM 50,000 to RM 100,000 financing. There are no collateral nor guarantor needed for the loan application


This loan is offered to Malaysian citizens that is aged between 21 years old and 60 years old. If you have lower salary, this personal loan may suit you as you will need a low RM 800 of basic income to qualify for this loan. A 6 months employment is needed for the loan.


This loan offers a 24 hours approval status with quick cash disbursement. This would suit someone who are in need of cash quickly.


Applicants will have to bring a copy front and back and original Mykad. Most recent 3 months salary statement is required. Most recent EA form/EPF statement and employment confirmation letter is needed. As for self employed, applicants will have to bring their Business Registration form , 3 months recent bank statement and most recent BE tax form.