What is PTPTN Loan?

Perbabadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)

As a student you are eligible for PTPTN if you need financial support to pursue higher education. You must be a Malaysian citizen with an offer from universities, colleges or polytechnics to apply for the study loan.

Once you have your loan approved, you will be entitled for Wang Pendahuluan Pembiayaan (WPP) approximately RM1500.00.WPP is a program to ease financial burden when you begin to purchase relevant items in preparation for higher education. The funds will be distributed based on the agreed terms, normally direct to your bank account.

PTPTN loan money will be automatically deducted to cover your university/college semester fee and the balance will be dispersed directly to your account to cover additional expenses per semester.

Six months after you have completed your studies, you shall prepare to repay your loan. PTPTN has tied up with a few payment methods for your convenience. Specific counters, salary deduction skim and online banking is some simple payment methods you can utilize. Please take note; there will be a small fee depending on the payment facilities used.


Interest Rates

PTPTN education loans are inclusive of an administrative cost of 3% based on reducing balance. However, recently ex-students were provided with options such as 1% “Ujrah” Interest Flat Rate.  The interest rates offered by PTPTN is extremely low as compared to other education loans in Malaysia.


Ujrah,is a loan conversion scheme to encourage ex-students to clear off their PTPTN loan payment faster and enjoy lower interest. Basically, by applying to Ujrah loan conversion scheme, you can replace the existing fixed administrative cost rate of 3% per annum to 1% flat rate per annum. Ujrah is an option that will be beneficial if you constantly service your monthly loan repayment.

The best way to be exempted from loan repayment is to pass your degree with first class honours  and make an application for the exemption. However, borrowers from private institutions of higher learning may be limited to those who pursue courses accredited by the National Accreditation Board (LAN).

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Do I qualify for the PTPTN Loan? Here are some requirements that must be fullfiled before applying for PTPTN loan

  • Applicant must be a Malaysian citizens
  • Applicant must be 45 years and below at the time of application
  • Applicant will require 2 guarantor that must be the parent
  • Applicant must pass SPM examination with minimum 3 credits for any subjects
  • Applicant must be pre-university exam with minimum 3 CGPA
  • Applicant must have an existing SSPN saving accounts before applying for PTPTN
  • Applicant must have no other sponsors
  • Applicant must have offer letters from Public or Private education
  • The cources applied by the applicants must have Accreditation Certificate from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency from the date applied