Takaful Ikhlas Berhad together with Bank Rakyat introduce new protection schemes for Malaysians in line with the government’s proposal that the protection rate must be increased by 75% by 2020. The Takaful Amani Plus scheme has been introduced by the Bank Rakyat to provide customers with financial facilities in the event of a financial crisis due to death, disability and accidental loss at any time and anywhere. Death or disability due to natural conditions refers to the occurrence of an accident or illness subject to the conditions prescribed. The meaning of loss is the unintended consequence of an injury, accident or death caused by violence and so on. However, disasters must be caused by accidents and subject to conditions of exemption.


The plan is an improved product of the previous Takaful Amani plan, launched in 2010. Almost 800,000 of Bank Rakyat’s customers have participated in this protection scheme. This Takaful Amani Plus enables customers contribute as little as RM 0.25 per day or RM 90 per year and offer customers with three different comprehensive coverage plan and benefits.


Advantages of Takaful Amani Plus


  • Takaful Amani Plus offers up to RM 30,000 in the event of death or disability or natural disability and benefits up to RM 154,500 in the event of death or disability or permanent disability
  • Contribute as low as RM 0.25 per day or RM 90 per year
  • Protection is available 24 hours a day worldwide
  • Has three comprehensive protection plan options
  • Participate in all branches of Bank Rakyat
  • Updates can be made automatically if the customer is a Bank Rakyat account holder


Eligibility Requirements

  • Available for Bank Rakyat’s customers aged 6 to 59 years old
  • Malaysian citizen
  • For uniformed personnel such as Police, Army, Fireman, Immigration Officer and others / Class 4 occupations such as jobs involving heavy work, dangerous and heavy machinery or machinery, protection is effective only during off-duty hours.
  • This protection scheme does not cover acts caused by suicide, AIDS and disability / injury or illness
  • For non-Muslim participants, the benefit of the Badal Hajj will be replaced with an additional cost of Funeral Expenses in the event of death


Contribution Rate Per Year In Accordance With The Cover Plan

  1. Plan A – RM 260
  2. Plan B – RM 175
  3. Plan C – RM 90


Benefits of Takaful

The benefit of the Takaful that the customer will receive is based on the plan of protection subscribed by the participant. The benefits that’s participants will receive are as follows:


  1. Death / Permanent Disability Due to Accident

Plan A – RM 150,000

Plan B – RM 100,000

Plan C – RM 50,000


  1. Absolute and Permanent Mortality / Permanent Disability

Plan A – RM 30,000

Plan B – RM 20,000

Plan C – RM 10,000


  1. Critical Illness (benefits will be accelerated)

Plan A – RM 15,000

Plan B – RM 10,000

Plan C – RM 5,000


  1. Medical Expenses Due To Accident

Plan A – RM 3,000

Plan B – RM 2,000

Plan C – RM 1,000


  1. Accident / Natural Funeral Expenses

Plan A – RM 3,000

Plan B – RM 2,000

Plan C – RM 1,000


  1. Hajj Badal (if accidental / natural)

Plan A – RM 1,500

Plan B – RM 1,500

Plan C – RM 1,500


  1. Ambulance Fee Due To Accident

Plan A – RM 600

Plan B – RM 400

Plan C – RM 200


  1. Hospital allowance due to accident

Plan A – RM 150

Plan B – RM 100

Plan C – RM 50

* This allowance is limited to 30 days, subject to a minimum stay of 2 days *


If you want to know more about Takaful Amani Plus, please visit the nearest Bank Rakyat branch or contact the tele-Rakyat Call Center at 1-300-80-5454.