CIMB E-Fixed Deposit Promotion

Good news, CIMB has finally started it’s eFixed Deposit (eFD) promotion perhaps one of the first such for Internet based fixed deposit in Malaysia. Depositors can enjoy a 4% p.a. interest rates for 3 months when enrolling for the promotion. The current board rate CIMB is offering for eFD is 3.2% p.a.


For a start, this is a fully eFixed deposit where you can directly make a fixed deposit on CIMB website. There is no needs to walk into counter for upliftment or placement which is very convenient. At the moment of writing only 2 banks are offering full eFD services in Malaysia All transactions are done on Cimbclicks the ebanking portal for CIMB.  Another benefit of this particular promotion is where no fresh funds are needed. This means that you can directly deposit any money you have on CIMB or CIMB islamic account into the promotion. It can save you hassle without need to withdraw funds from other banks.

The money deposited must not be uplifted in 3 months when you have deposited with onto the promo or the interest will be forfeited. There is also a minimum of RM 10,000.00 needed.

Only CIMB individual consumers who are over 18 is eligible for the promotion. This means that the promo is not open for companies such as sole prop /societies and NGOs. The promotion ends on 31st of October. You will of course need existing access to first. To enroll for the promotion, you will need to click on the special promotion link instead of using the normal placement method. The website will clearly shows the interest you can enjoy for 3 months.

cimb efd promo


  • 100% Convenience with full eFD
  • No fresh funds required
  • 4% p.a. is not bad rate for eFD


  • 4% p.a. is not the highest you can get out there but those will require you to do some work
  • Can’t think of any