Citibank Personal Loan



Citibank Personal Loan , Pinjaman Peribadi Citibank

Form RM 5,000(New Customer) to RM 150,000 (Existing Customer)  financing available 
Interest starting from 5.88% p.a. flat rate ( 10.90% EIR)
2 to 5 years tenure in choices of 24, 3, 48 or 60 months
Malaysian Citizens or Permanent Resident working in Malaysia
Loan to  10 times your income
Minimum salary RM 4,000

The Citibank Personal Loan can be used to meet varied financial requirements or any other bona fide cause. The loan also has low interest rates, no processing fee charges and won’t need a guarantor or any collateral. The loan offers a minimum of RM 5,000 with their ‘New-to-Bank’ (individuals who are new to the bank) customers entitled to loan amount of up to RM 150,000 and ‘existing customers’ (individuals who are holding an existing active credit card and/or existing active Ready Credit with Citibank for more than 24 months) are entitled to loan amount of up to RM 150,000.

The clients may get a loan of up to 8x if their annual income is above RM 60,000 and a loan of up to 6x if their annual income is below RM 60,000.


Loan repayments begin on the first day of the month following the date you received the loan and need to be paid every month until the total amount of the loan is repaid. The personal loan provides loan repayment tenure options of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months and prescribed rates for Citibank’s ‘New-to-Bank’ customers at an effective rate range of 14.5% to 21% per annum which equal to 7.9% to 12.5% per annum of the flat interest rate.


This loan is subjected to no processing fees. There is a 0.5% stamp duty fees which is based on the approved loan amount. Borrowers who want to pay off their loan early need to pay RM 200 or 3% of the outstanding balance (whichever is greater) as an early payment fee during the first 2 years or before reaching half the tenure (whichever is earlier). If payments are not made on time, a 1% per annum penalty charged daily on the outstanding amount for the month, on top of the prescribe rate.


The loan is eligible to Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident working in Malaysia, age 21 to 60 years old at the time of the loan maturity, holding any Citibank’s Credit Card, personal loan, car loan, home loan or overdraft for more than 2 years. Applicant must have a minimum monthly income of RM 4,000 for self employed or permanently employed. In addition, the business must be at least established for 2 years for self employed. The Citibank may also ask for some supporting documentation in order to process the loan application.


For salaried applicant:

  • A both sides photocopy of MyKad
  • Most recent EPF statement


  • Most recent 2 months’ salary slip


  • Any of the following document where required:
  • Most recent BE form with tax receipt
  • Most recent 3 months bank statements
  • Most recent EA Form (dated within the last 12 months)

For self-employed applicant:

  • A both sides photocopy of MyKad
  • A photocopy of Business Registration Form


  • Most recent Form B with tax receipt


  • Most recent 6 months bank statements



  • 30 minutes approval


  • Higher interest rates starting from 9.0% p.a.
  • Higher minimum income requirements at RM 4,000 per month


About CitiBank

Citibank is one of the top banks in the world which has repeatedly won prestigious awards such as Best Consumer Internet Banks, Best Corporate and Institutional Bank and Best Cash Management Bank for its unique services at the global and local levels with approximately 200 million customer accounts and operates in more than 160 countries. With a combination of international and local expertise, Citibank has offered variety of services including the Citibank Personal Loan schemes which are reputed to be one of the customer friendly and one of the most affordable loans available in the market.