Sahabat Agro

Sahabat Agro is an interesting concept that is launched by Agro Bank. This is perhaps on of the first MLM saving scheme ever launched by a Bank in Malaysia. So is this scheme sustainable or legitimate?  Agro Bank fully is owned by Ministry of  Finance which makes this a legit bank unlike other hanky panky MLM scheme that you find in Malaysia. This saving program is also Shariah compliant



How does Sahabat Agro Works ?

Sahabat Agro works based on MLM or refferal concept. With a sahabat Agro account, you can refer your friends or family to become a depositor under the same scheme. With just a minimum of RM 500 deposit for 12 months for Sahabat Agro and RM 20 deposit for Agro Savings account, this would enable you to earn a 0.25% interest which is pretty low. The beauty of the system is that you can earn extra fraction of 0.7% interest based on whatever your referred depositor placed. The calculation is not exactly 0.7% and depends on referred level.  If your referrals referred their friends, you will also get to enjoy interest up to a maximum of 4 levels.

According to some marketers, you can earn as much as RM 21,668.49 passively. Yes it’s possible however you will need a lot of referrals and deposit amounting to 160 million !!!


Is this scheme legitimate ?

From our calculation, this scheme is totally legitimate unlike other ponzi schemes which are offering as high as 20% per month return. The Interest rates offered by this scheme is just 0.25% p.a + 0.7% x (number of referred depositors) x (percentage of level). The interest is very low even lower compared with high interest savings or fixed deposit account in Malaysia. There are not much incentives from the interest. You can only earn a lot if you referred a lot of depositors and your refereed network is strong.

You will only need to deposit Rm 500 to join the scheme while the interest will only be credited to your saving account after 12 months.





  • Malaysian citizens or Permanent Residents who are 18 years and above
  • Minimum deposit starts from RM 500 for Sahabat Agro
  • 12 Months minimum deposit


  • Very good concept using MLM to earn passively
  • Income can be check online montly via Agronet


  • Manual referral where your ID must be written on the application form during submission, it would be nice if have your own online URL where it can be tracked automatically by Agro bank for refferal